EXEUR LED codes     中文

The LED flash codes that appear tell you if something is wrong with your installation. The most important is to provide multiple reliable GND connections. Do not connect all the GNDs to 1 point only (see details in Users Manual).

Only the LED code 25 is related to the EXEUR itself.

The EXEUR makes no noise when switching, it's normal.

For CAN bus versions, the code will be transmitted as a number.

LED dominantly ON: EXEUR is ON thus battery is connected to vehicle system.

LED dominantly OFF: EXEUR will shortly disconnect, or has already disconnected, the battery.

Single flash at turning Handle ON, followed by LED OFF, means additional remote OFF/STOP-switch is active.

LED gives short illuminations, repeated after ~15 seconds: The number of SHORT ILLUMINATIONS is a code:

CODE 1 - 4 only for Roll Over versions:

1 short illumination: Bad install angle (>5° angle) .Remove BAT+, Re-mount EXEUR in straight angle, reconnect BAT+

2 short illuminations: Vehicle angle has been close to Roll Over limit. Check fixation is straight, toggle ON/OFF Control

3 short illuminations: Roll Over test in progress or failed. Switch OFF. Check mounting, disconnect then reconnect BAT+

4 short illuminations: Roll Over (automatic disconnect). After no Roll over angle for 5 minutes, turn Handle OFF to reset 

CODE 5 - 11 for all versions:

5 short illuminations: Overheating caused during ON. Check cable lugs, toggle ON/OFF Control

6 short illuminations: Check battery is on BAT+ side, check deenergize. For 'D' harness; check IGN wire. Toggle OFF->ON

7 short illuminations: Overcurrent on EXEUR pin 6. Reset by turning ON/OFF Control to ON and wait ~1 minute

8 short illuminations: Overcurrent on main line. If recurrent, you may need twin parallel switches. Toggle OFF 

9 short illuminations: Control pins inconsistent. Check wiring, remote OFF-switches, bat charge. Toggle ON/OFF Control

10 short illuminations: Overheating caused during OFF. Connect BAT+ correctly. Will self-reset after EXEUR cools down

11 short illuminations: Voltage-drop out of range. Check GNDs, load shorted ?, toggle ON/OFF Control, charge battery

Code 1 - 40 after pressing TEST while in OFF mode without LED blink, only for Battery Cranking Amp SoH versions:

   N short illuminations: The "Cranking Amp", for the conditions as at the time of last crank(s), is N times 100. 

   Example N = 12 means 1200 A. For Twin switches,  simply add the two numbers.

   If temperature at last crank was -18 C and battery >90% charged, the result may be compared to the "CCA" rating.

   If the temperature was 0 C, it's "MA", "MCA" or "CA". If the temperature was higher, the result should be higher.

All the following for all versions:

20 short illuminations: ON/OFF Control seen ON at power-up. Toggle ON/OFF Control, check GNDs if code persists, and check that correct side of harness (the side with GND branch-out) is connected to EXEUR.

25 short illuminations: Internal error. Please inform Staerg. Self-reset.

LED continuously OFF but EXEUR is ON. Check GND wire 'V:1' . Check DIN connectors.

Very fast continuous blink. Check battery, GNDs.Turn OFF, disconnect BAT+, reconnect BAT+. If it persists, contact Staerg 

Some error codes will override others.